Should You Date During Covid?

Drum roll…… Covid has shifted the way we can interact with people! 

So, this is not something that is new or unknown. The state of mind that we are in right now is that we understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic and we need to adjust to our new way of living. This means finding new alternatives to interacting with our current circle of friends but also, for those of us who are single and ready to mingle, meeting people and getting back to dating.  

So the big question is, how do I meet the next Mr. or Ms. -right in the middle of a pandemic? 

The dating scene

Let’s start by crossing off the typical setting where you could meet someone new pre-Covid:

  • Bar setting – Just like in tv! Barney from How I Met Your Mother picking up on a new girl each visit
  • Chat with a new coworker – Remember when we used to go to the office?
  • Social gatherings – Anyone love a party as much as me?

Now the list goes on and dating coaches probably have a million suggestions that were relevant then but today is different. Even the way we would engage in a date today is actually considerably different but that’s a whole other topic up for discussion. 

Now that the old outlets to meet people are non-existent, what to do? A lot of people are looking for some magic fix for the issue but to be honest, the solution is simple – use a dating app. Maybe it is not the medium which some prefer but it is the most sensible solution.

Online dating is a thing

The active networks on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Elicity, and other dating apps offer a great opportunity to continue with your pursuit to find a significant other during these trying times. 

Oh, but you’re saying that you’re not a fan of the digital dating world? Consider the fact that the amount of people whose relationships begin online has only climbed over the years and reached a level of 39% in recent polls. Seems like it’s a reasonable means to an end. 

Think of a dating app as a tool to simply search and connect with somebody. 

The real mission of anyone using a dating app should be this and nothing more. You’re not looking for a pen pal or a texting buddy. Maybe you can toss in a video chat to talk to them briefly but the real goal of using a dating app is to take to the streets and meet them IRL (in real life)!

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like a very irresponsible message to say “meet people” at a time where Covid is very real and socially distancing ourselves is our only defence. But rest assured, there are precautionary  measures that can be taken to date IRL.  

And if we are going to be in this situation for a while (*cough* fastest vaccine ever created took 4 years *cough*) let’s start with square one, download a fresh dating app, and see if you can manage this new way of dating.

Elicity, an app designed to meet people and discover places, promotes locations that are open and actively practicing social distancing measures. Using a trusted source of safe places for a first date should be a good starting point. 

Remember to be safe but remain optimistic in your pursuit of love.

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