How can I practice social distancing and still go on dates?

We hear a lot about getting haircuts, eating at restaurants, and going to bars, but what about dating? Is it safe?

It is time to stop thinking that Covid will subside in the coming months and time to start preparing for our lives DURING-Covid. The reality is that we are in the midst of a pandemic and some things can be put on hold but others simply, can’t. We can’t say that dating and meeting someone new will resume at a TBD date based on the discovery of a cure. Let’s adjust to the new normal.

Now the idea is not to go full-Florida and act like nothing is going on but there are many responsible measures that can be taken to engage with someone new. In regards to actually meeting new people, there are many ideas on how to approach this at these times but let’s focus on the actual engagement. 

Video Chats

Video chatting is the obvious go-to for engaging with people following the trend of today’s business meetings and other social networking apps like Houseparty, Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. The fact of the matter is that, it’s working! Moving beyond a text really helps the users: 

  • Interact in a live setting. Albeit virtual… it’s still live!
  • Confirm they’re a real person. You’re not catfishing me!
  • See if they’re worth your time. You want to text me but you won’t video chat?! – NEXT!

So, based on all these positive points are we settling for video chat dates until we find a cure? And when you find someone you vibe with will you become mutually exclusive, virtual partners?

Seems like a lot to ask especially since it seems like we’ll be living this new way of living until at least next fall, maybe longer (*cough* fastest vaccine ever created took 4 years *cough*)!

While video chats are a step in the right direction they are only providing people the opportunity to get to know this new person beyond texting. It can definitely be considered progress but it only gets us partially there. 

Trying to meet someone “In-Person

It is not a surprise that meeting someone in real life has benefits. Reading someone’s body language and the actual act of engaging in some sort of physical intimacy helps further a conversation and/or strengthen a connection. It’s the words that don’t have to be spoken.

When it comes to dating it isn’t just something that is beneficial, it’s critical. 

I think I need to emphasize an important point that was stated earlier, “Don’t go full-Florida!”

I’m suggesting that ‘if’ you find that you are ready to go out with a person on a date, follow the advice Dr. George Rutherford, head of the division of infectious disease and epidemiology at UCSF. When asked about determining what is safe or not his answer to the SF Chronicle is simple, “Don’t be stupid.” 

Let’s outline some of the basics to follow:

  • Take it slow — No need to jump to a Netflix and Chill session that might escalate quickly. Get to know the person and take some time to really get to know the other person.
  • Wear a mask – The debate regarding whether or not this is useful goes back and forth. Why not err on the side of caution, follow the advice from the WHO, and wear the damn mask?
  • Keep your distance – In these first few dates, treat this person as if you don’t know where they’ve been. I mean, you really have NO IDEA where they’ve been. Closing the gap is something you can explore once you’re confident in your own “contact tracing” of this person. 

So there is a lot more to socially distant dates and how to continue down this path but the short answer is, yes, there is a way

You might not have the opportunity to meet someone at a public event but we are lucky to be in the age of social media and you can easily connect with people. 

Plan to live life during this pandemic. Go out and date, safely. There is no immediate rush but if you’re looking to take it a step further and meet people check out Elicity.

We’re promoting safe ways to meet people and discover places.

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